Who says pregnancy and motherhood has to be disorganized, overwhelming, or scary?

If thinking about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood makes your palms sweaty and your heart beat fast, you are in the right place! Damn Good Mom offers resources to help you organize during pregnancy, prepare for birth, and simplify family life.

Pregnancy is exciting and amazing but getting organized and prepared for your new baby feels hard. Here is how you get #allthethings done.

1. Organize during pregnancy.

Deciding who should plan your baby shower can be fun but it’s not a task that deserves tons of your energy. Instead, let’s focus and organize the important things like choosing a provider that respects the birth you desire, ensuring you have a diet that nourishes your developing baby, and creating boundaries that cultivate safe spaces. The Pregnancy Resource Library can help.

2. Prepare for birth.

Unfortunately, popular media and the experiences of our immediate family and friends are often the scope of our pregnancy knowledge and as a result what we know is limited and sometimes flawed. This misinformation or lack of information has the potential to color our pregnancy experiences with unnecessary fear and overwhelm…but there is another option. You can get informed and empowered.

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3. Simplify family life.

The addition of a baby to your life is a big deal. Literally, everything about home life changes. I recommend a pregnancy plan, a birth plan, a savings plan, and a postpartum plan. These plans don’t need to be complicated and they should definitely be flexible. Plans don’t make you a control freak; they provide clarity, structure, and accountability.

Motherhood is the most challenging, exciting, tiring, inspiring, messy, joyful and sometimes frustrating role we'll ever have. The ride should be eventful - not stressful!

I'm Tiffany Green.



I know how empowering it is to give birth and the heart-shattering pain of pregnancy loss. I use both experiences to help new moms plan during pregnancy and prepare for birth so that fear and overwhelm aren’t the drivers of their experience. 

MY MISSION: To teach you how to organize and manage the huge to-do list you have for preparing for birth, postpartum, and life with a new baby. 

MY MOTTO: We can be amazing women and exceptional moms at the same time.

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