5 Tips to Get Unstuck and Organized When You Feel Overwhelmed

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When you have children, they quite literally take over the entire house and keeping everything clean and organized can feel like an overwhelming challenge. 


Not long enough ago, I stood in my living room and from the position I was standing I could see fingerprints on surfaces, dishes in the sink, a floor that needed sweeping, toys scattered on the carpet and sofa, and a pile of items I had begun collecting on the dining room table for a future garage sale. 


I had plenty to do and only a period of one or two hours (nap time) to get something accomplished. 


I felt overwhelmed and instead of tackling all the tasks, I sat down on the sofa and tackled none of it. I was stuck.


Has this happened to you?


I get it. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed we can’t move so we stand in one spot for longer than we should.


If you are currently on that spot. Let’s try to get you off it as soon as possible. 


Here are five effective ways to get unstuck when you are feeling overwhelmed.







1. Believe

It is very necessary to have a positive mindset because attitude is everything. If you think you can’t accomplish something, you are less likely to try. 


If you don’t believe you can move all that spot, then it’s possible you’ll find yourself paralyzed in that space. 


Believe that you can get organized and with the right amount of determination, you will get organized. You may not get to every room in your home today, but tomorrow is a new day. So, be positive and be determined to start the process. 



2. Prioritize

We always have tons to do but everything will not get accomplished today. Prioritize the tasks you need to accomplish and give those activities your full attention. 


My advice is to remove the list from your head and put in on paper or type it up. Having this visual helps me see how much I put on my plate and it’s a motivator. Ticking things off feels good and with each tick, the overwhelm melts. 


Secret: sometimes I add a task I already finished to the list, like organize baby’s dresser, so I can have that first thing crossed off; I’ve accomplished something, even before I started the list! Use whatever method gets you going.  The list does not need to be on fancy paper, but if that’s your thing go for it. I personally enjoy using a bullet journal or printable pages.



3. Focus

It’s common to jump back and forth between tasks but when I do this, I notice I get lots of half done projects. Instead of trying to multi-task, focus on one specific thing.


If the plan is to clean the house, please don’t write ‘clean the house’ on your priority list. No matter how small or large your home, that is too much for one sentence.


Break it down. Instead of  “clean the house”, write:

  • Clean the master bathroom.
  • Organize each of the drawers.
  • Wipe down the cabinets.


 These are smaller, more focused tasks you can get finished today. 


Finishing several small tasks or projects is much better than having ten projects undone. 



4. Declutter

It is difficult to get and stay organized when you have too much stuff. Evaluate the amount of stuff you have and determine if you need it all.


  • Look under the bathroom sinks, are you using all those products? If they have dust settling on them, it may be time to let those products go.
  • What about your closet, is it time to take some of your unworn goodies to the Goodwill?
  • Have you donated the clothes that the kids can’t fit or the unused toys?


Getting rid of clutter gives you more space to organize the things you do use. We also get an opportunity to give to people in need, if we decide to donate the items we aren’t valuing or using. 



5. Outsource

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed because we think we don’t have help. You’d be surprised how much help you do have if you just ask.


  • Your partner may be willing to take the dishes out of the dishwasher.
  • Your sister may have come over to share her new drama but she may be willing to help you straighten up the kids’ room, while you both catch up.
  • Assign chores to the kiddos, if they are of age.


Outsource some of your tasks, when you can. Yes, I know, it probably won’t get done how you would do it, but that is OK, don’t complain, especially if you want help in the future. Instead, make kind suggestions and maybe the person helping you will remember for the next time.



You may feel alone in your overwhelm right now, but you aren’t. We’ve all been on that spot. Honestly, I been there more times than I’d like to admit. I even gave my paralyzed spot/headspace a name. 


The tips I shared with you have consistently helped me get unstuck and I want them to help you too. 


Remember, your feelings are valid (even though there will be people who don’t understand) but know you have the fight in you to accomplish your goals and get unstuck too. Most importantly, you don’t have to accomplish everything today.  



5 Actionable Steps to Release The Overwhelm


Give yourself a pep talk.

That negative voice is our head can take over when we don’t provide positivity and encouragement to ourselves. Give yourself the effective pep talk that you need to hear to get unstuck.


Create a physical or electronic list of priorities.

Tasks floating around in our heads can get lost or forgotten. Take the burden off of yourself and your memory by writing down a list of tasks you plan to complete. Be sure to prioritize them intentionally.


Plan to work on one task.

Once you have that list, focus on one task at a time. This increases the likelihood that you’ll complete projects versus having several projects half done. Give one task your full attention until it’s completed.


Remove clutter.

It’s frustrating to have to clean and organize things that are consistently being ignored. In my house, it’s not uncommon for an item to move from one room to another and just sit. Instead of letting things sit. Get a box and place items you don’t use in it. Put it in a place out of the way. In a month or so, if you haven’t needed or missed the items, carry the box to a donation center. 


Ask for help.

Gasp. It’s hard letting go of our perception of control but you probably have people in your life that are willing to help if you ask. Ask one person you trust for assistance. The worst answer you’ll get is ‘no’ but you may get a ‘heck yes, I’d love to!’. 




Download the Getting Unstuck Printable Bundle. It’s five printable pages to guide you through my process of getting unstuck when you feel overwhelmed.


Getting Unstuck Printable Bundle




How to use the Getting Unstuck printables:

  • Page 1: Use the prompt and write as much as you can on the page.
  • Page 2: Complete a list of things you want to get done, then assign each task a number.
  • Page 3: Choose one task and fill in the worksheet before you begin working. Stay focused and motivated.
  • Page 4: These are labels you cut out and tape to a box to assist with your decluttering process. 
  • Page 5: Write down tasks you feel comfortable outsourcing. Then think of people and/or companies you trust for the assistance. Reach out. 


I don’t like when people say “It’s simple” because it may not be. So I will not use that wording here. Instead, I’ll say “It’s work” and one action at a time can get you unstuck.


If this bundle is helpful for you, I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments. You can do this!!



What are some things you do when you feel overwhelmed to get unstuck?


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