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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why the name Damn Good Mom?

Women deal with many labels, then when we enter motherhood we are pressured to label ourselves with a parenting style. Whoa! Wait a minute. I’m not a tiger mom, helicopter mom, or attachment mom. I’m ignoring the labels and simply trying to be a damn good mom. It’s my number one goal and I hope to help other moms pursue the same goal.


Are you a single mom?

No. I’m married to my college sweetheart, Mr. Damn Good Mom. We are up all night tag team partners.


Can I send a product?

I love receiving quality products that add value to my life. However, I value every earned dollar and wouldn’t dream of recommending a product to my audience that I don’t absolutely love.


P.S. Sending a product doesn’t obligate me to review, share, or post on my website. I charge for sponsored posts.


Can I use photos and content from your site?

welcome sharing links to the content on my site; however, I would appreciate it if you did not take photos without written permission. Many of them are purchased or free stock photos or photos I took myself. To avoid copyright infringement, please ask.


Is blogging your full-time job?

I went from identifying as a SAHM blogger to committing to being an online business owner. Why? I spend time creating content, digital products, and courses for profit. It’s a business model I enjoy and blogging is a tool I use to grow my online business. 


Who designed your blog?

Me. I been designing my own websites for years. Of course, I use themes and builders but each of my websites have been curated by me. 


If you’ve been following for some time then you know that I started with Georgia Lou Studios WordPress templates, they are budget-friendly, easy to install, and the service is Ah-mazing!!


I have now moved on to a page builder called Elementor. I love how easy it is to customize my websites using this builder and I’ve paired it with a theme by Sparrow and Snow


If you are looking for a free alternative, I recommend pairing Elementor with the Astra theme. It’s really great for anyone getting started on a budget. 


What host do you use?

I get around when it comes to hosts. 😉

I started with Bluehost, gave Siteground a try, and then landed on BigScoots.

I have no regrets and would happily recommend each of the hosts for your blogging needs.

    • Bluehost is affordable and great for people getting started.
    • Siteground has great introductory offers but be prepared to pay more for your renewal.
    • BigScoots is a bit more pricey than the others but I love the service and the customer service.


The thing is… 

Don’t sweat it too much. Choose one and get started. If you need to change that option is always available. 


Where do you get your photos?

My photography skills need some serious work but I’m trying. My family photos are taken with an iPhone and my Sony Mirrorless A5100 camera. All others are paid and free stock photos.


I want to start my own online business, how can I get started?

Go for it.  After I left my job, blogging kept me sane during a time that was lonely and challenging. I recommend to every mom who has the bandwidth for it. Check out my online business website get started. Good luck!