Helping women plan during pregnancy, prepare for birth, and simplify postpartum life.

If thinking about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood make your palms sweaty and your heart beat fast, you are in the right place! It’s time to stop stressing so you can start enjoying motherhood.

Cultivate the confidence you need to pursue the best birth experience that is available to you.

If any of the statements here describe you, you're in the right place!

  • 1. You’re excited about pregnancy but overwhelmed with the process.

  • 2. You enjoy being pregnant but you fear giving birth.

  • 3. You are afraid of not having your ‘ideal’ birth.

  • 4. There are pregnancy symptoms and complications you fear based on family history or past experiences.

  • 5. You’re afraid of the possible physical changes you’ll experience.

  • 6. You’ve experienced pregnancy loss and worry about it happening again.

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How can I help you?

“Tell me some things I can do immediately after a positive pregnancy test.”

“I want to know ten important things I should know whether I want a natural or medicated birth.”

“I’m ready to take action. Let me know some things I can do to prepare for birth.”

I'm Tiffany

MY MISSION: To teach you how to organize and manage the huge to-do list you have for preparing for birth, postpartum, and life with a new baby. 

MY MOTTO: We can be amazing women and exceptional moms at the same time.



I thought I had life figured out; I was focused on a career in science and jetsetting around the world, all while jamming to hits from the 90’s. 


Then I peed on a stick and my life changed. My belly grew past my toes, my breast were larger than they had ever been, and I silently cursed anyone who mentioned being tired – if they weren’t growing another human. I was pregnant! 


When I got un-pregnant, I quickly realized pregnancy was the easy part and motherhood is the best part. Now, I use my experiences to educate women about enjoying pregnancy, surviving miscarriage, and simplifying mom life. I want you to have the audacity to pursue the best pregnancy and birth experience that is available to you – without fear and overwhelm. 

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Motherhood should be eventful - not stressful!

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