30+ Mindful Pregnancy Prompts for Your Bullet Journal

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Journaling can have a positive impact on your pregnancy experience. Here you will find 30+ journal prompts for your pregnancy journal.

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Journaling consistently can be challenging. Before my pregnancy, I had started several journals but eventually, each would find it’s way in a junk drawer or simply forgotten.



However, whenever big events were happening in my life, I’d find my way back to a journal.



My last big event was last year; I gave birth to my daughter. When I learned I was pregnant, I was overcome with a roller coaster of emotions. Some of those feelings were easy to share with friends and family, others I wanted to write in a safe place.



It feels good to write down thoughts and emotions without feeling judged



The feelings I wasn’t ready to share aloud, were perfect for a journal. Also, journals can be great for record keeping.




  1. I learned I was pregnant on _____________. Here’s what led up to me taking the test _______.
  2. When I found out I was pregnant I felt____________.
  3. What is my greatest fear about this pregnancy?
  4. What are my best thoughts about this pregnancy?
  5. What do I wish for my unborn child?
  6. What song or songs best reflect this time in my life?
  7. Who am I most excited for my baby to meet?
  8. How do I believe this child will change my daily routines?
  9. What are 10 things I am grateful for right now? (I’d repeat this one often)
  10. When I learned my baby’s gender, it was __________.
  11. My growing family is appreciated because __________.
  12. Feeling a baby moving inside me feels ___________.
  13. Choosing a name for my baby is _____________.
  14. Right now, pregnancy feels ______________.
  15. Pregnancy symptoms are am experiencing today are __________.
  16. The best part of this pregnancy so far is ____________.
  17. I can’t believe I’m craving ____________.
  18. I wish ___________ was here to experience this journey with me. I’d tell him/her _____________.
  19. Creating a space in the home of the baby makes me feel __________.
  20. I am most proud of myself for ____________.
  21. My girlfriend/boyfriend/mate/spouse has been most helpful with _________.
  22. Not being able to _____________ during this pregnancy is ___________.
  23. The first baby item I purchased is __________. It makes me feel ___________.
  24. I am most looking forward to ___________.
  25. The first ultrasound of my baby was __________.
  26. Hearing my child’s heartbeat on the monitor made me feel__________.
  27. Planning for life after pregnancy has been ___________.
  28. If my child could have any of my life teachers/educators, I’d choose _________.
  29. My child will be a Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring baby like __________.
  30. My favorite pregnancy product is ___________ because __________.
  31. My favorite place to be alone with my baby and my thoughts __________.
  32. List all the kind thing strangers have done to bring a laugh or smile. 
  33. Describe the best part of my childhood I hope my baby gets to experience. 





5 benefits of bullet journals during pregnancy


The benefits of journaling aren’t unique for pregnancy. Pregnancy just happens to be a time when women are faced with physical and emotional stress, forgetfulness, anxiety, and sometimes even decreases in productivity. 



It just makes sense to take advantage of an inexpensive tool that isn’t time-consuming for the purpose of well-being in pregnancy and in life.


It just feels good to write. Sometimes, there is a nice high that happens after a good writing session. I imagine it’s like those highs that runners get. You have to feel it to understand. And while I may never understand the runner’s high – this one I get. 





Starting a journal isn’t complicated you only need a few inexpensive tools to get started. The most important thing you need is FREE!


1A. PEN & PAPER: Buy an inexpensive journal (this is the one I use) and good pens (I like these). 


1B. APPS: Of course, there are apps for journaling. There are apps for everything.


2. COMMITMENT (FREE): If you are going to give journaling a try, decide to commit to the process for however many months you have remaining in your pregnancy. You can then look back on your writing as a keepsake or throw it away for the practice of letting go of sentimental possessions.





pregnancy journal prompts, make journaling a habit


Developing any task as a habit takes time. Here are a few tips to help make journaling a habit:


  • Do it daily. Even starting out with just a few minutes a day helps.


  • Don’t judge your writing. A journal isn’t for publishing.  Grammar shouldn’t be significant for this style of writing.  This is for you.


  • Don’t just write about the negatives. Looking back in your journal, you’ll want to remember the good things too. If it’s just a negative reel, you may be less likely to go back to it.


  • Pair your journaling with another habit. Perhaps you could write a few words in your journal before checking social media on the phone. 


  • Set a journaling alarm. If you consistently have free time, try having an alarm for writing in your journal.


  • Choose a time and space you are likely to be uninterrupted. 



If you have additional pregnancy journaling prompts you would love to see on the list, drop them in the comments. 



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