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At Damn Good Mom we share resources to help moms simplify, organize, and streamline the tasks necessary to manage  pregnancy, motherhood, and home education.

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Hi, I'm Tiffany

I haven’t always been interested in supporting pregnant women and moms. In fact, there was a time when I didn’t want to be a mom (gasp). It’s true.

When I was sixteen I stood on the outside of my sister’s hospital room and listened as she gave birth to my stillborn nephew. It was my first experience with pregnancy and it sucked! 


For years after that experience, I declared I’d never have a child and I came up with several valid reasons but honestly…I was afraid:

-I was afraid of loss. 

-I was afraid of not being enough. 

-I was afraid my life goals would need to be diminished. 


Thankfully, my heart opened and God had plans for my life bigger and better than the ones I planned for myself.


Associates in Science

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Biology  with  Minor: Chemistry

Master of Family Life and Youth Development

Trained Doula (Not certified)




Lab Scientist (Toxicology, Molecular, Food Science)

Newborn Screening Chemist

Non-medicated birth in hospital

Non-medicated home birth


In 2017, I allowed myself to get pregnant and it led to a cascade of unlikely events. 

    • I birthed an eight-pound baby with no medical interventions in a hospital. 
    • I quit my job as a newborn screening chemist to be a home keeper and business owner
    • I started this little blog that has bloomed into an online community. 
    • I had a miscarriage. 
    • I had a healing home birth.
    • I fell in and out of love with my body several times. 
    • I’ve questioned my parenting decisions. 
    • I’ve committed to home education (for now).
    • I changed how I eat for whole body wellness.
    • I’ve re-assessed what it means to be a wife and mom in a society that sometimes devalues each of these roles.
    • I’ve learned to thank myself for all the thankless activities that make the house a home.


Ultimately, I continue to create space to be new versions of myself and I invite other new moms to do the same. 


I’m convinced that our lives as moms make us extraordinarily prepared to manage the unexpected triumphs and challenges of life.

Birth is an unforgettable experience. Women should be given the opportunity to be educated and to use their knowledge to make informed decisions that support the best possible outcome for their child.  I respect every woman’s right to decide how they want to experience their birth, as long as the safety and health of the baby is the priority at all times. 

We’re constantly told whether or not “we can have it all”. Well. When you define having it all for yourself, you realize it doesn’t look at all like what we are told it should look like and that’s okay. 

Motherhood is an opportunity. I was told it’d be a burden. 

Not every great mom gives birth. (Dear moms who’ve come to have children without giving birth – your mom light doesn’t shine any less bright).

Not every mom gets to care for their child. I know pregnancy loss and I know that love for children who aren’t earth side isn’t any less strong.

Mission & Values

A damn good mom is better than a perfect mom because she actually exists. So. Please know that You are enough! You are worthy!  and…You have what it takes to an exceptional woman and damn good mom.


Damn Good Moms are informed

When you become a mom, you realize there is alot you don’t know that you don’t know. It’s true yet it’s not an excuse to stay stuck. We have a responsibility to use the resources that are available to us to improve ourselves and support our children. 


Damn Good Moms are empowered

Life is filled with necessary and unnecessary challenges. The inner strength it requires to stand against hardships and battles is part cultivated and part innate. But, empowered women find a way to advocate for their families. 


Damn Good Moms are intentional

The ability to be intentional about how you spend your time, how you pursue your goals, how you respond to challenges, and even how you parent will determine what life looks like every day. Even when we aren’t in control, we can have the power over ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why blog about pregnancy and motherhood?

I write about pregnancy and motherhood because of the transformation that happened in my life when I decided to stop letting fear control my choices. I went after the family I wanted. I did it scared and I’m winning. I believe other women can too!


Motherhood is the greatest gift that I have been given and my goal with this site is to help one woman at a time know that pregnancy doesn’t need to be scary (with reliable information) and motherhood is an opportunity (your life isn’t over and you can still pursue your dreams).


What has been the most challenging part of becoming a parent?

The transition of leaving my job to become a stay-at-home-mom was challenging. I’ve had to figure out how to shift my identity and embrace a new system of values that didn’t rely on what I did and how much I earned. 


What is the most exciting part of parenting?

Watching what was once a mustard seed grow, learn, and thrive is an absolute joy. I watch my daughter and am constantly amazed that I grew her inside of me. 


Also, my journey as a mom motivated me to create this amazing platform called Damn Good Mom where I get to be in community with other moms and build a home-based business. It’s crazy the life I never imagined is better than the one I planned for myself. God truly has a sense of humor. 


Why the name Damn Good Mom?

I struggled to think of a name that captured exactly what I wanted this website to be, but I always wanted it to reflect my number one goal and the goal that most other moms have too. If you haven’t guessed yet, that goal is to be a Damn Good Mom. I know I’ll never be perfect but I can wake up each day and try to be the best mom I can be for my kiddo and you can too!




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