Damn Good Mom is an educational and entertainment platform dedicated to helping women thrive in pregnancy and motherhood. This website was launched in 2017 and supports helping women have informed pregnancies and encourages moms to live well.


Here you will find topics on pregnancy, motherhood, family life, and youth development.



Tiffany is the creator of Damn Good Mom LLC


Hi. I’m Tiffany. My first experience with childbirth was a stillbirth. It wasn’t my own experience -it was that of an immediate family member. I was sixteen and that day when I should have been celebrating a new life, I had to wish a baby farewell.




I spent 10+ years declaring I’d never have a child of my own. I had several fears about loss, motherhood, and dreams deferred. 




I pushed my fears aside and gave birth to a healthy baby girl and it changed my life.


Now,  I use my doula training (not certified), my background in science (toxicology, molecular biology, food science, and newborn screening), and my research skills (masters in family life and youth development) to educate women about pregnancy and motherhood.


I believe every woman deserves to be fully informed about pregnancy and inspired daily to be an amazing mom.





What is your birth philosophy?

Birth is an unforgettable experience. Women should be given the opportunity to be educated and to use their knowledge to make informed decisions that support the best possible outcome for their child.  I respect every woman’s right to decide how they want to experience their birth. 


What was your birth experience?

I chose to have an intervention-free birth. It was painful but empowering. I had so many anxious thoughts prior to giving birth, but thankfully, I had a strong and healthy baby.


Why blog about pregnancy and motherhood?

I wasn’t always passionate about motherhood, in fact, I planned to not have children. I told myself I didn’t want children for lots of real and valid reasons but the biggest reason I postponed having a child was fear.


I write about pregnancy and motherhood because of the transformation that happened in my life when I decided to not let fear stop me from having the family I wanted. I did it scared and I’m winning. I believe other women can too!


Motherhood is the greatest gift that I have been given and my goal with this site is to help one woman at a time know that pregnancy doesn’t need to be scary (with reliable information) and motherhood is an opportunity.



What has been the most challenging part of becoming a parent?

The transition of leaving my job to become a stay-at-home-mom was challenging. It’s the hardest yet most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. I don’t take for granted the opportunity I have to stay home with my daughter but I’ve found that stay-at-home-mom life is an adjustment.



What is the most exciting part of parenting?

Watching what was once a mustard seed grow, learn, and thrive is an absolute joy. I watch my daughter and am constantly amazed that I grew her inside of me. 


Also, my journey as a mom motivated me to create this amazing platform called Damn Good Mom where I get to be in community with other moms and build a home-based business. It’s crazy the life I never imagined is better than the one I planned for myself. God truly has a sense of humor. 


Why the name Damn Good Mom?

I struggled to think of a name that captured exactly what I wanted this website to be, but I always wanted it to reflect my number one goal and the goal that most other moms have too. If you haven’t guessed yet, that goal is to be a Damn Good Mom. 








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