13 Common Baby Items You Don’t Need

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If you are trying to add a new baby to your budget you may be panicking about the long list of things you think you need to buy.


I get it. I was once pregnant and intent on has everything I needed before I went into labor.


But. Not waiting to make purchases left me with serious buyers’ remorse and an unnecessary dent in the bank account.


I don’t want that to happen to you. I want you to know that there are lots of products you simply do not need to buy.

 Ignore the baby marketing machine and remember these three things:

    1. Quality is more important than quantity.
    2. You can ignore the word ‘baby’ on most products that aren’t health or safety-related.
    3. Most things can wait until you learn the unique needs of your baby.


Here is a list of things I found that I could do without. 





Wipe warmers are great in theory but few work great, some are fire hazards, and we didn’t want to get our baby used to a luxury that wasn’t possible for us to keep up with when we were out of the house or traveling (which we do frequently). Instead, we use baby wipes at room temperature.


Tip: If you are wondering if your wipes have any nasty ingredients check out the Think Dirty app and this great post on non-toxic baby wipesOnce you know what wipes will work on your baby’s sensitive skin, buy them in bulk.






When we were designing the nursery, we had a theme and purchased the cutest bedding set. It was a complete waste of money because pediatricians and The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that parents “Avoid the use of soft bedding, including crib bumpers, blankets, pillows, and soft toys.” The crib or bassinet you use will likely only have tight-fitting sheets.


Tip: Invest in good quality fitted sheets that are made of non-toxic materials. Just think, your babies sensitive skin will spend hours on the bedding you buy. Choose mindfully.






Desperate to find the magic wand that would get our baby to sleep more soundly, we invested in a Dock-A-Tot and it was nice. I have no bad things to say about the product… but honestly, it wasn’t anything magical and a lower price item could get the job done just as well. 


This product falls in my nice to have category but it’s not something we needed. We were gifted a Boppy Pillow and used that more frequently. And, I had a mom tell me a brand new dog pillow with a cover works well too. Go figure.






I had a healthy eight-pound baby and I am so glad I listened to my mom and all the experienced moms who told me not to buy tons of newborn diapers. Babies grow fast and we were finished with newborn diapers in less than a month. Having tons of diapers on hand is a great idea but it’s hard to know what size you will need.


Tip: Instead of purchasing lots of one size, use Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping when you need to restock. It’s fast and easy!  I can’t recommend the service enough! Use my affiliate link and… GET A 30-DAY FREE TRIAL


Also, if you’re wanting to try cloth diapers, that’s an option you can explore to help reduce waste. 






OK. I understand the desire to purchase newborn shoes for a keepsake but honestly buying lots of shoes for a newborn is a waste. The baby will only be able to wear them for a week and even then, they are just for show because he/she will not be walking.


Tip: Consider investing in packs of socks to keep our baby’s feet protected and warm. You have tons of fun options.





Infant bathtubs are cute and some have nice features like thermometers. But… we found that a basic tub that held a small amount of water and drained easily was sufficient. I remember growing up and watching my mom bathe my siblings in the kitchen sink. It’s not for everyone but it works. 


Tip: If you do decide to buy a baby bathtub, think about your storage options or go with a baby design that folds and/or stores easy


Also… A baby bath sponge  is great for added support in the bathtub.





In the early months, I breastfed, then I added in baby formula for supplementation. When my daughter was ready for solids, we started buying baby food from the store. I was not impressed with the taste (yes, I tasted every baby food product we purchased) and I decided to begin making my own baby food. It was super easy and I didn’t run out and buy a baby food processor. 

Tip: If you have a kitchen full of gadgets like me (blender, food processor, hand mixer, cake mixer) they all work to blend and mash food to serve to your baby or toddler. My old and reliable blender was perfect for every baby puree that I had the nerve to try and I still use it now for smoothies.  Baby FoodE is a homemade baby food resource I love!




This was our bottle & breastfeeding set-up. I used the warmer for breastmilk and the Babybrezza for bottles.


Many people might be surprised to find this on the list because we love our BabyBrezza Formula Pro. We thoroughly appreciated the ability to push a button that gave us a warm bottle in seconds – especially in the night; however, it’s a luxury item, not a necessity. In fact, I had an inexpensive bottle warmer that I used for my breastmilk that would have been sufficient for warming bottles too.


PSA: There will be things you buy that aren’t needed but they’ll make your life easier and that’s ok (IMO). This was an item we didn’t need but it made life easier and we’d purchase it again.





 We didn’t purchase any of the baby/nursery furniture sets (crib, dressers, changing table, etc.). Each piece in the room was either purchased on sale or DIY’ed. It was all coming together nicely and under budget but I couldn’t find a decent quality changing table that fit the room. In hindsight, I’m glad we didn’t settle on just any changing table. We skipped the purchase altogether. 


Tip: If you have a sturdy dresser, you can add a changing tray  (for safety) and a changing pad and voila! You have a ‘changing table’. Some people prefer to use the bed or the floor with a protective covering for their changing needs and this works but be mindful to have good ergonomics. Back pain is nothing to play with!





Having a bag to carry the baby’s stuff is necessary but it doesn’t have to be expensive and we didn’t need more than one. Initially, I was looking at fashion bags that were more cute than practical. Also, my husband and I both felt we needed a diaper bag, one that was masculine and one that was feminine. We were wrong.

What worked out well for us was one neutral diaper bag that we keep stocked and ready to go. It was less than $100 and has tons of compartments and space for our growing baby. 


Not having two hasn’t been an issue at all. Our baby is only in one place at a time and the bag follows her.




We purchased two travel systems (ugh). I know you may be thinking who buys two travel systems? but hear me out. We had two cars and planned on putting my daughter in daycare and we didn’t want to have to move a seat back and forth between cars.


Well…life happened and we chose to skip daycare. I quit my job and became a mompreneur. So… we definitely did not get good use out of both systems. Also, we realized that both of our travel systems came with newborn car seats that your daughter outgrew quickly (facepalm).

Tip: If you do have to transfer a child between cars, consider purchasing one car seat and one stroller (a travel system) and then purchasing an additional car seat base.





I was gifted baby lotion and baby body wash but my little one has sensitive skin and because the products have ingredients I don’t recognize, I’ve opted to skip lotion and instead use mostly oils and baby balms. They have recognizable ingredients and are great for locking in moisture, especially after bathtime. 


My favorites are coconut oil and almond oil. Both have provided the moisture that my little one needs and when I want something more moisturizing for extra dry skin, I add a layer of shea butter or Primally Pure Baby Balm


Tip: Be careful of the baby lotions with nasty and toxic ingredients.





I have never used or purchased baby powder on my daughter. When I tell people this, the first question I get is “What do you use?”. I don’t use anything.


Although there are safe alternatives to baby powder,  I haven’t needed any of them. I simply focus on cleanliness and dryness and in two years I haven’t had any issues with rashes or infections.




Starting with childbirth, the costs of having a baby adds up quickly.  Taking the time to determine what baby products you don’t need can help you save money. Just remember that there will be non-essential items you buy for comfort, peace, and sleep. 


If you are shopping for baby, remember that much of what our babies need (love, care, attention, bonding time, food), we already have it and it doesn’t cost a thing!


Also please don’t mistake this as a list of things you shouldn’t buy. Your baby will have different needs than mine and others. Just try to recognize which ones are needs and which items are wants – before you make the purchase. I wish you the best with everything!



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