7 Things to Do When Pregnancy Feels Miserable

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Pregnancy can feel miserable.

7 things to do when pregnancy feels miserable


It seems like it is taboo for us to admit that sometimes pregnancy is uncomfortable, exhausting, and painful.



Admitting to these feeling isn’t easy. You risk being called ungrateful or worse…feeling ungrateful.


  • This post is for women who know that they are blessed to be pregnant but aren’t excited about nausea, pelvic pain, swollen breasts or ankles, or sciatica.
  • This post is for women who are exhausted and maybe even a bit overwhelmed and struggling to make it 40 weeks.



If that is you right now, take a deep breath. Here are 7 tips to help manage pregnancy when the symptoms are causing you to feel miserable.


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1. ACKNOWLEDGE HOW YOU FEELTips and ideas for what to do when pregnancy feels miserable and awful. #pregnancy #struggles

Not feeling like a bubbly cheerleader every moment of your pregnancy is OK. It means you’re human.



You are growing a human and we know you value the opportunity and the gift that will arrive soon. What you don’t value are kicks to your bladder every 15 minutes, lower back pain, or whatever symptoms you are experiencing that made you click on this post.




2. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SYMPTOMSsymptoms pregnant women shouldn't ignore for diagnosis

Hopefully, not everything about pregnancy hurts but pay attention to your aches and pains.

  • Are the pains changing locations?
  • Are the pains more intense in different positions?
  • Do the pains come and go?

Listen to what your body is telling you and share all your symptoms with your doctor. No detail is too small. 



During pregnancy, our hormones are all over the place and there is potential for gestational diabetes, infections, and other serious conditions. You never want to dismiss any symptoms that could help with a diagnosis.



Sometimes, it helps to keep a pregnancy journal or consider writing your symptoms in a personal calendar, to keep up with when things are happening.





3. GIVE YOURSELF TLCThings pregnant women can do for self love and care when pregnancy feels miserable

Once you have talked with your doctor and confirmed that the symptoms are normal or being monitored, give yourself the TLC you deserve.



What do I mean?

  • If your feet hurt, consider getting a relaxing massage.
  • Do what you can to make your home life relaxing.
  • Avoid stressful people and situations.
  • Get dressed up and go to your favorite restaurant. 


Caring for yourself and your baby is the best thing you can do right now. 






Foods pregnant women can eat with pregnancy feels miserable


If you are already feeling miserable, adding crappy food to your diet will likely lower your mood even more. You definitely don’t want that right now.



Eat well to feel well.



Try skipping the potato chips and fast food and choosing foods that nourish your body and your growing baby. If you need some inspiration, check out 3o+ nutrient-rich foods for pregnancy to get started. 



Eating real food during my pregnancy helped give me the energy and stamina I needed to get through most of the fatigue. I quickly realized when I ate crappy, I felt crappy. Now, even after pregnancy, my food choices are very intentional and healthy (most of the time). 😉 If you think you need energy now, wait until you have a mobile baby/toddler!






A photo of a team

Pregnancy can feel miserable and lonely if you don’t have a good support system.



Find the people in your life you can confide in. Make sure they aren’t the people who are quick to pass judgment and advice. Instead, find those people who are ready to listen and available to just be present when you need it most. 



This squad can be made of up family, friends, co-workers, and whoever you want to include. Be selective.  



I had my squad and all others were just spectators. Protecting my mind was just as important as protecting my body during my pregnancy.






You may be dealing with crazy hormonal swings but who doesn’t benefit from good music?



You may have heard about creating a playlist to help with labor, well… your pain didn’t wait for labor and you shouldn’t wait to enjoy a good music playlist. 



Create several playlists that lift your move and get you feeling good or at least smiling.



Need some inspiration? Checkout @shutthekaleup’s playlist of jamz.




7. GET SOME SUNSHINEsunglasses to encourage pregnant women to get some sun

When you are pregnant, it is easy to be a homebody and hunker down in dim places.  



Most often, we work indoors and then go straight home to the couch. Instead, make time to get some sunshine. Sunshine (vitamin D) can give a boost to your mood, even while you ache. 



Being outdoors doesn’t mean you need to be doing a marathon. I was proud of my waddle to the mailbox and some minutes out on the porch or patio, during my third trimester.  Every little bit counts. 




I wrote this post to share that we are real women and we may struggle with several different symptoms that make us feel miserable.



Sharing that we feel awful sometimes can put us at risk of being accused of being ungrateful for the opportunity to carry life and give birth and that isn’t the case at all!



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If your pregnancy feels miserable at some point and you’ve seen your medical provider to rule out serious complications, I hope these tips help bring some relief or even just a smile to your situation.


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