How to Fall In Love With Your Postpartum Body

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You survived morning sickness, swollen ankles, and maybe even preeclampsia. Pregnancy is difficult AND you did it! You are amazing so why don’t you feel like it? Why are you disappointed with your postpartum body?


If you are like me, then pregnancy is the largest (size & weight) you have ever been. As a result, my third trimester saw tears, back pain, and frustration. I was past ready to have my baby and at 40 weeks she didn’t want to come out. I went past my due date and when I finally gave birth it was the most pain I’d ever experienced. 


My daughter was born and my life changed. My life changed and my body had changed too. 


I have spent my adult life between size 4 and size 6. Stretch marks weren’t an issue and my breast sat up perfectly–without a bra! Then, pregnancy happened and I was plagued with postpartum body insecurities.


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Now that your baby is here you may be looking in the mirror during nap time confused.

+Why haven’t those stretch marks disappeared? You used all the recommended butters and oils.

+Why aren’t your breasts still perky? Your milk production has dried up and those A|B|C|D cups are now sagging. What the?!!

+Why isn’t that coin bouncing off your ASS-ets like they did pre-pregnancy?


Well, mom, pregnancy isn’t nice to the idea of what our body should look like and it’s OK because the idea of what our bodies should be is flawed. Your body just grew a baby which makes it perfect, although it may be different from what it was pre-baby.


Your pre-baby body is gone but not forgotten. Learn how to find peace with your new body.



It’s OK to not have a perfect body after pregnancy but its more important to feel proud of what each flaw change represents.

+ That stretch mark is there because your body needed to make more space for your beautiful baby.

+ That lower belly pouch is a reminder of your ability to carry a child in your body.

+ Those sags in your breast is where milk was stored to nourish your baby.

+ That scar is proof that you experienced something amazing.


You can wish all the changes away quickly and there is nothing wrong with that. However, I want to encourage you to be kind to your current body and show it gratitude for the work that it has just done.  


If you gave birth in the past 6 months, take it slow. Your body was made for giving birth and now it has to re-adjust. Your uterus has to shrink, the body has to heal. Rushing to the gym soon as you leave the hospital can be dangerous. Instead, let your body do its job and focus on being a mom to your sweet baby.


Once you’ve taken the time you needed and gotten approval from your doctor, start on a path of self-love for your body.



In this context, I’m talking about doing the things that help your body be better and do better. This includes:


Eat whole foods that give your body the energy it needs to support you and your new mom activities.


Follow a physician supported fitness routine to begin helping your body regain strength and tone.


When talking about your body don’t always be a critic. Find things you love about your body and share those thoughts. I promise your baby will love you just the way you are!


Let your wellness journey and your desire to get in shape be led by love for your body and not hate.


After giving birth I felt insecure but I took a step back and saw beauty in what I had just accomplished and who I had done it for (my baby girl).


It’s not easy but it’s time to give our bodies a break from self-inflicted criticisms. We will tell our children that they are perfect just the way they are; isn’t it time for us to believe that about ourselves? 



  • You are a mom now and you are amazing for birthing a child.
  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to get your body back but take it slow.
  • Appreciate the changes that aren’t going away quickly and find the beauty in what you may think are flaws, in your postpartum body.
  • Your baby will love you just the way you are.