7 Brilliant Habits of a Happy Mom

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Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom, a working mom, or somewhere in between there are habits you can adopt that can improve your mood and how you feel each day.


We can all agree that motherhood has it’s challenges. 


I’m currently potty training, feeding a picky eating toddler, and realizing that pots and pans are the best toys. If you are imagining a bit of chaos, it’s not your imagination. It’ real.




Even with the sticky, messy, and noisy events of my day, I couldn’t be more happy. 


It’s not because I’m super mom. Nope. Not at all. I wake up each day and try to do my best job at figuring out this mom thing and these are the habits that help me have low stress and enjoyable days.


I hope that these habits help you too!





We’ve all gone to be bed and woken up to a mess of toys, dishes in the sink, loads of laundry, and mess. It’s no fun and the chaos can dampen your mood, even before your day really gets started. Instead of dragging to bed and leaving a mess behind you’ll thank yourself, if you take the time to tidy up your spaces before you go to bed.


Yours truly used to think it’d be a waste to clean up a mess that would just happen again the next day (toys), but I’m here to let you know messes are like compound interest and they build on each other. So, start each day with a fresh slate whenever you can.


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It’s so easy to spend the last minutes or hours of the day scrolling on your phone but you could be negatively impacting your sleep. It’s believed that the blue and white lights of devices inhibit the release of melatonin, our super important sleep hormone. When possible, avoid screens at night and instead opt for other activities. If giving up the screens is too difficult, consider making use of the dimming light settings.


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Many of us struggle most around meal times. What do we eat? What do we feed the family?  These are questions that we shouldn’t have to stress over every day. The solution is meal planning for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks.


Seriously, if you never tried meal planning for an entire week (yes, all seven days). Give it a try. You’ll thank yourself and you’ll have more control over the quality of the meals. An added benefit is the savings you’ll likely see from not having to eat out frequently.


At first, I thought meal planning would be complicated or cumbersome. I mean no one wants to spend the day grocery shopping and then cooking, but once I got a process down – it all got easier and my days got easier too. Less prep time was needed to feed the family and that left more time for me.


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We all have different livings situations but if there is a partner in the picture, communicating with that person is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. This is especially important if you are a new mom.


The postpartum period can be more of a struggle than many of us prepare for and having open and honest communication with your partner about how you are dealing with the new changes can be beneficial. It may even bring you and your mate closer together.


Not every conversation has to be super deep or introspective , casual check-ins to show care and empathy on both sides are powerful too.



You deserve to be cared for, even if the care is primarily coming from yourself.


Now, self-care isn’t just bubble baths and scented candles (but it can be, if that’s what make you relaxed). Self-care looks different for every person.


When I first became a mom, self-care was handing baby duty over to my husband soon as he walked in the door, so that I could have me time. Sometimes, that was time spent enjoy a hobby, working on my blog, or simply just time in the bathroom sans baby (which doesn’t happen often when you have a toddler).


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Fresh air should be it’s own recommend food group.


The thought of sitting indoors all day with no direct view of the sky and surrounded by walls can be depressing for anyone. If you find yourself feeling low, consider taking a walk outside. Your chances of getting vitamin D increase and it can improve your mood. 


Getting outdoors can have a positive influence from the inside out. Even on the worst of days, I make sure to crack a window to allow stale air out and fresh air in.




Happiness is difficult to define but here at Damn Good Mom we believe it starts with gratitude.

Happiness is about cherishing what we have, even as we pursue more. Even reading this exact post, at this moment, means you have so much to be thankful for. 


Even on low days, we can find happiness if we remember that our cup has liquid in it – half full or half-empty doesn’t matter. A gratitude journal is a place to express things and people who are thankful for. The acting of writing these thoughts down it a meaningful habit to adopt. 


Gratitude paired with these other stress reducing habits can work wonders in our lives which is great because our children deserve us at our best. 


What habits do you have that contribute to your happiness each day? Share in the comments below.


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