When one due date calculator isn’t enough…

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If you are pregnant and searching for a due date calculator you probably only need to check one or two and get confirmation from your doctor. 


I created this list of 15 due date calculators to test out the calculators for the post plotting your due date. Each of the calculators below gave me the same due date when I provided the same information.  


Why did I go through this exercise?


In the post ‘Plot Your Pregnancy‘, I write about ovulation and the calculations used to determine your estimated due date (among other things) and I wanted to check for consistency. 


You can find the list below.


The calculators are all pretty basic but the first 2 are my faves because they provide more information. All others are in no specific order. 




  1. Mom Junction Due Date Calculator I like the additional weekly pregnancy information.
  2. Essential Baby Due Date Calculator I like the conception dates and trimester dates are included.
  3. MayoClinic Due Date Calculator
  4. March of Dimes Due Date Calculator
  5. WebMD Due Date Calculator
  6. BabyCenter Due Date Calculator
  7. BabyCentre Due Date Calculator
  8. Mama Natural Due Date Calculator
  9. Your Due Date
  10. Mother and Baby Due Date Calculator
  11. First Response Due Date Calculator
  12. The Bump Due Date Calculator
  13. Pampers Pregnancy Due Date Calculator
  14. What to Expect Due Date Calculator
  15. Pregnancy Birth and Baby Due date Calculator



Although each of the calculators easily spits out a number, be sure to check with your prenatal care team for confirmation. 


Measurements provided using gestational age (GA) can be more informative than measurements using last menstrual period (LMP).


Also, did you know you can estimate your due date without these calculators?


1. Use Nagele’s Rule (It’s the same rule the calculators use): 


Calculation: [ (The first day of  LMP – 3 calendar months) + (1 year &  7 days) ]

*This calculation is based on a 28 menstrual cycle.


If math isn’t your thing, you still don’t need a calculator.


2. Our favorite smart people at John Hopkins put together a chart that can give you the results of the calculators. Find it here.


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