14-days. 1 goal.

 The Pregnancy Youprint Challenge is your interactive guide to infusing mindfulness into your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences so that overwhelm, fear, and confusion don’t get a front seat in your journey.

Now, meet the entire Pregnancy YOUprint below.
It's a 14-day challenge to help you have a pregnancy and birth experience that is all about Y.O.U
(Your needs, Optimum health for your baby, & Understanding and respect)

Ask yourself if any of these statements sound familiar...
  1. You’re a first time mom preparing for pregnancy and feel excited and overwhelmed.
  2. You’ve been reading blogs and apps trying to figure out what you don’t know that you don’t know
  3. You have a never-ending to-do list and your lack of organization and productivity has you frustrated.
  4. You haven’t been able to focus on you because outside noise and exhaustion.
  5. You want a system for managing how you prepare for birth that takes into account your child’s needs and your wants.
  6. You want to go beyond the passive reading and listening and you’re ready to take action.
Managing this stage of motherhood can feel like the #strugglebus

All of these struggles are common, when you're about to give birth.
Here's what you want to know...
  1. Pregnancy is a mental and physical journey that is filled with emotions.
  2. Healing after giving birth is a process that requires thoughtful planning.
  3. When children are involved, it always feels like there is more to be done.
  4. It’s common for women to abandon their own needs, as they care for their families.
  5. And…new mom life is a big transition that can feel isolating – even when we are never alone. 
knowing these things are great, but what can you do about it? Stop following a blueprint and create a youprint.

Take The Pregnancy YOUprint Challenge, and stop trying to fit your pregnancy experience into a preexisting mold.


What's inside?
Challenge participants get exclusive access to...
13 Lessons
13 Challenges
Template Library

Need more details? Of course! Let's peek at the 13 lessons.
Let's chat about these topics so that you get answers to questions you didn't even know you had.
The Pregnancy YOUprint Outline

Then, you'll get challenged to take action.
You wouldn't expect food to appear on your table after watching a recipe video. So don't expect anything to happen if you plan to just read the lessons in this challenge. Change requires action.
The Pregnancy YOUprint Workbook

We got you covered:
As you move through each lesson, you'll have a workbook and challenges to complete each day.
It's your step-by-step guide to creating a youprint!

As a participant, you'll also get access to our beautifully designed pregnancy templates.
These aren't average templates but you aren't average!

And, when motherhood feels exhausting and overwhelming (and it will) - you'll have access to a closed community group.
Sometimes, we just need to hear that the challenges get easier, that we ARE doing a good job, and the version of you that is struggling is just as worthy as the version of you that has it all together. 😉

who is teaching this challenge?

Tiffany here. I want to help you clarify your pregnancy goals, prepare for birth, and plan for life with a newborn so you have time and space to enjoy early mom life without overwhelm. 

Learning about pregnancy and birth prior to my own experiences helped me to manage the transition into motherhood more intentionally but there are some things I wished I had considered more. I put all the lessons I’ve learned before, during, and after pregnancy in this program, so that you can go into your experience informed and empowered.

A bit about me?

My first experience with pregnancy was when I sixteen. I stood outside my sister’s birthing suite as she gave birth to my nephew. He never made it earth side. This experience turned me off to pregnancy and motherhood. It wasn’t until I signed up for a birth-doula training in college that my perspective changed. The information helped me understand birth better AND the first mama I served showed me the strength of a woman in labor and what a positive birthing experience could be – even when it didn’t go to plan. 

Now, I use my personal experiences with birth and miscarriage, my background in newborn screening and science, and my degrees in psychology and family life and youth development to educate and empower women.

I’m not a medical professional and I’m not here to give you medical advice, my goal is to share information with you so that you can advocate for yourself and your family with confidence. 


The next challenge is in April 🙂

🚨Early bird pricing: All enrollments before March 29th are $59.


Enrollments between March 29th-April 5th are $99

The Challenge begins on April 20th

What's included?
  1. 13 Lessons
  2. 13 Challenges
  3. Workbook
  4. Ebook
  5. Printable Template Library
  6. Private Community Group 

The next challenge begins april 20th, 2020

Frequent asked q's

Challenges typically run once per month. Start dates and enrollment dates are listed above.

When you enroll, you will have access to a dashboard that will be empty. Lessons and challenges will not populate until the start date. 

We recommend you enroll in this challenge early on in your pregnancy, so that you can use the information to prepare for birth and postpartum thoughtfully. 

Each day, a new lesson and challenge will unlock. You’ll have access to powerpoints, audio, and written information to help you complete the accompanying challenge. 

No. This course is not taught by a medical professional and we recommend women participate in a in-person or online birth course to complement this challenge.

No. The information provided is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Readers accept all responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.  For more information, please read the disclaimer policy.

Absolutely. Enrollment dates are always before the challenge begins. You have until the challenge begins to request a full refund. Once the challenge begins, no refunds will be offered.

If you’d like to make a request, email [email protected]