This Mom Found a Way to Go Back to School After Putting it Off to Raise Her Son

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Motherhood is challenging yet there will always be moms who refuse to let circumstances prevent them from reaching their goals. Tiffany is one of those moms. 


I met Tiffany while working in public health and the thing about public health is…often times, you aren’t just working, you’re serving tirelessly. 


Finding time to serve and be a mom isn’t easy but Tiffany has found a way to make it work, even when there have been obstacles in her way. 


Let’s meet Tiffany.

Hi Tiffany, what is your current work status:
I’m a working mom.
How many children do you have?
I have one son, he is a junior in high school.
What do you love about being a mom?
I love being a mom of just that one thing of always being needed and always being proud of my son and his accomplishments.
What part of motherhood has been most challenging?
I would have to say the most challenging is being a strong advocate for my son in what he needs in becoming a successful adult.
Briefly, share why you think you are a Damn Good Mom.
I would say what makes me a damn good mom is that I can MULTI-TASK, that was probably something that I had to learn quickly through my son’s younger years, and even now!
What sacrifices have you had to make as a mom?
I put off school for a while but I did go back once my son was in elementary. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors in Human Services and landed a job at in public health!
Where can we find you on social media?
I am on Facebook as Tiffany Kory Beard-Ruffin, I am also on Instagram as @tiffanykory78
Is there another mom who gives you inspiration?
My twin sister is a DAMN GOOD MOM. She is so strong and been through a lot but she keeps pushing through it all!
9. You found a way to go back to school and now it’s time to rep your Alma Mater.
I’m a proud graduate of The University of Phoenix!



What we can learn from Tiffany:

Motherhood doesn’t always happen at the most ideal time in our lives. Often times, children come and force us to make life-changing decisions. 


Those decisions aren’t always easy and many of them illuminate a new reality where we are no longer the star in our own story. It’s all about the baby. This doesn’t mean we stop making plans to reach the goals we had before becoming a mom but it can slow us down. 


Motherhood doesn’t have to be an excuse to not achieve our goals, the new role can be a great reason to push forward and succeed at whatever we are dreaming for, because if we can give birth and raise children, we can do anything!


Tiffany, thank you for sharing your story.


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