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Seville is the Most Charming City in Spain

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Seville is the Spain I dream about!! The Spain you see when watching romantic comedies, the Spain you never want to leave.


Seville, Spain

Map it:


Getting to Seville:

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  • Language: Spanish is the official language. However, many people speak English and communication was not an issue when I traveled.


Seville, Spain

I arrived in Seville via a quick train ride from Madrid.

I was planning to take an overnight train to Lisbon/Lisboa but the advice of a kind stranger and the much shorter train ride to Seville won me over and I am so happy. I almost missed seeing the most beautiful city in Spain.




I arrived at the Sevilla Santa Justa train station and in Tiffany fashion headed to the bus stop.


Traveling on a budget requires being willing to use public transportation sometimes and it isn’t as much of a chore as you might think. I enjoy public transportation for the opportunity to meet locals and to see sights that aren’t on the direct path a taxi may take you on, to get to your destination. Plus you get the added opportunity to walk, walk, and walk. It keeps me in great shape!



The bus ride cost 1.40 Euros to get from train station to The Center or Plaza Duque De La Victoria which was down the street (San Eloy) from my hotel.


I stayed at the Petit Palace Canalejas Hotel. Everything about the hotel was petite. The lobby was small and the room was very small; however, everything was very clean, the free breakfast was good, and the bed was heavenly comfortable. I would recommend this hotel if you don’t mind compact spaces. I was solo and the room fit all my needs.


  Above: It is possible to use the toilet, sink, shower, and hairdryer all at the same time. I wouldn’t recommend it though. 😉

Room size isn’t a big deal when you only need it for a place to sleep. The real joy comes from exploring the city and Seville did not disappoint.



The city has become one of my favorite cities in the world. I was more impressed with the boutiques here than the ones in Milan, Italy.

image image image

 The tapas and pastries were great but head to the local restaurants for the best meals. Get out of the tourist areas for better prices too. 

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Overall, Seville is like walking through a love story. I enjoyed how the narrow pedestrian streets felt like a maze.

I liked when the charm expanded into large historic monuments.

Euro2015 047 Euro2015 089

I admired the historical artifacts that have survived modern ambitions.


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And finally, I fell in love with Plaza De España. I even make the trek to visit twice! 



Seville is definitely the most beautiful city in Spain!

Next Stop: Málaga, Spain 

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