14 DAYS. 1 GOAL. 

the pregnancy journaling challenge

What is it?

I invite you to spend 14-days journaling during your pregnancy. I’ll provide the prompts and you’ll do the writing.



Journaling has several benefits that include support with stress, memory, anxiety, and productivity. These are often the things that challenge us during pregnancy.


Should you participate?

If you are convinced that journaling can serve you well and you want journaling prompts and challenges designed to help you prepare for birth intentionally and thoughtfully, then the answer is “yes”.


What makes this journal challenge unique?

I’ve combined my journaling challenge with my pregnancy challenge. So. As you journal you also get the opportunity to re-imagine the birthing and post-birth experience you are seeking using your own values. 


What is the investment? This must cost something!

This Journal Challenge is FREE for a limited time. 


Are you joining?

If this sounds like your type of party, join The Challenge Today! 

Who is hosting this party? I’m Tiffany. Join me for 14 days of mindful pregnancy journaling.