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Plant-Based Meal Prep Videos {Ideas to Save Time & Money}

Effective meal planning skills can help you stay on track with your plant-based diet goals. 



When I first decided to give plant-based eating a try, I assumed it would be challenging.  



  • I live in the South where bbq reigns supreme.
  • There isn’t an abundance of plant-based restaurants and cooking every day isn’t easy with a busy toddler running around.  



So, I did what any good millennial would do, I did some research and some YouTubing to find meal planning resources that could help me prep plant-based recipes throughout the week.   



If not, I knew we’d easily find ourselves making poor food choices that offered the most convenience (like fast food joints).   



My investment in learning how to meal prep and stock the pantry with staples that easily make simple meals have been key to staying on track with our healthy eating goals. Also, meal prep can save you money which is a big plus.  



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Here are 5  plant-based meal planning videos that offer some ideas of what you can prep to keep yourself full and focused on your desire to eat well every day.    






  1. Sweet Potato Soul | Meal Prep Like a Boss!



    2. Pick Up Limes | Meal Prep & Minimize in the Kitchen



    3.  Avant-Garde Vegan | Meal Prep 16 Healthy Meals



4. Rachel Ama | Epic Vegan Meal Prep 



5. Rainbow Plant Life | Vegan Meal Prep Hacks




Not having to worry about what you will eat not only reduces the overwhelm of being on a plant-based diet, it can help you manage and track the food you eat on a daily basis.   This may be of value, especially at the beginning of your journey when your body is adjusting to the change in your eating habits.   


Each of these videos offers a different spin of meal prepping and hopefully, one style resonates.  



You have what it takes to commit to plant-based eating now it’s time to invest in developing the skills it requires to stay committed! 


You can do this! Plus it’s a huge win that watching videos on YouTube is easy and for the most part FREE!




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