Motherhood is a transformation and while most people will tell you how amazing it can be to welcome a baby into your home (it is) I want to let you know that it can also be a major lifestyle adjustment.


No matter how much preparation we do beforehand it’s possible to find ourselves in a bit of a messy state (3-day old messy bun, stacks of laundry, empty bottles of concealer). You don’t need to apologize for any of this. In fact, take it all in stride knowing that it’s temporary and you will get better at managing mom life and family life. 


I created Damn Good Mom to help pregnant women and moms get beyond unorganized chaos to achieve organization and wellness.



Every mama deserves to have the information she needs to make informed and empowered choices for herself and her family. BUT, it’s hard to feel empowered or to get things done when we are disorganized. So, starting with pregnancy, I help amazing mamas like you get informed and organized, so that there is more time in your life for family, self-care, and achieving personal goals. 




Being a Damn Good Mom isn’t about being perfect in any way.

  • It’s about using resources available to us to give our children the best start in life.
  • It’s about knowing that we’ll make mistakes, forgiving ourselves, and walking in grace.
  • It’s about knowing that we have enough and we are enough.
  • It’s about having an organized plan for conquering goals and achieving our dream life.


I believe you have what it takes to be the mom you want to be and it starts at home.


“I believe you have what it takes to be the organized mom you want to be.”





1. Download your free Productivity Planner.

    • A goal without a plan is less likely to get accomplished. Since I advocate for having goals for everyday life, I’ve created printable planners to help you organize and focus on the tasks that matter most.


2.  Read the blog.

On this site, you’ll find content for several different stages of mom life:

    • Pregnancy
    • Postpartum
    • Parenting
    • Self-care and wellness
    • Inspirational moms


3. Join the DGM online community. **By invitation only (sent via email). 


4. Take a FREE mini-course.



I’m all about being your new resourceful mom friend who is here to help you live your best life – informed and empowered. Being a mom will never be easy but we can make it a fulfilling and enjoyable journey, one day at a time!





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Navigating Damn Good Mom


If you’re pregnant, start with the pregnancy posts


If you recently gave birth – CONGRATS! Check out the postpartum posts. Honestly, my first postpartum experience was an emotional mess and I don’t want that for you. Take the time to prepare, so that you can enjoy the first weeks of mom life.


If you’re a seasoned mom and just want some inspiration, check out these inspiring moms and the wellness section. I believe moms benefit from self-care and the aerobic exercise of dream chasing.




Getting pregnant can be exciting and overwhelming. Often, there is tons of information to digest and unexpected symptoms and conditions. I write about pregnancy in a way that is easy to understand to lessen the overwhelm and help you enjoy a pregnancy that is supported by encouraging and reliable information.



Also, don’t miss out on the pregnancy course. I share everything I wish I knew going into my first birth experience. I share the good and the messy because pregnancy and motherhood can be messy yet joyful.



After you give birth, the real work begins. From sleepless nights and toddler tantrums, here is what you will want to know to enjoy mom life without neglecting your self-care needs. 



If you are a new mom, download The Postpartum Brochure. I share 13 truths that every new mom should know because pregnancy is just the beginning. 



In my experience, I found that each challenge I’ve faced in the early days got easier with experience and time. Give yourself grace and living a full and healthy mom life can be accomplished. I share some of my best tips in the posts below:





Meet the moms who were gracious and kind to share what it means to be a Damn Good Mom and advice they have for fellow moms:



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I’m a stay-at-home-mom blogger and I earn money. I never imagined I’d have a profitable blog but after I gave birth, staying home with my daughter became a priority. It wasn’t the plan going in and it was scary.


It wasn’t just scary financially, it was scary because I spent years in college to pursue a career as a scientist. Was I giving that up? Maybe! But the life I found on the other side of my pregnancy hasn’t been disappointing. I still get to serve pregnant women and moms, but in a new way (from home).  If you want to start a profitable blog, it’s possible.