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5 Reasons Málaga is the Perfect Beach Town

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Close your eyes and imagine your perfect beach town. 


If you imagined a small coastal town in the south of Spain, you may be thinking of Málaga!

Málaga, Spain

Map it:


Getting to Málaga:

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  • Language: Spanish is the official language. However, many people speak English and communication was not an issue when I traveled.



Sometimes, we visit places and think “This place would be perfect if it had a beach.” Málaga doesn’t have this problem. 


I didn’t know anything about the city and only visited because I was trying to meet up with my roommate in Copenhagen, Denmark, after a visit to Madrid and Seville. After checking my favorite sources for travel, I learned I could take an easy trip to Málaga and fly at a very reasonable rate to Demark! Budget travel requires creativity and flexibility.


Although my intentions were not touristic, I found a gem that was not overly crowded with tourists and had everything a perfect beach town needs.


5 Reasons Málaga is the Perfect Beach town


  1. Málaga, Spain has a booming nightlife!!! Beach towns are known for their ability to entertain beyond the beach and this town delivers. I have no compelling nightlife photos but trust that there is a good time to be had by all. Since I was solo, I turned in early but I passed several bars, dance spots, and people having fun in the streets. There is ample opportunity to dance, socialize, and just walk around the beautiful city as the party lasts through the night. 

2. The restaurant scene is amazing. When you visit a beach town you expect to eat really well. This small gem is bustling with a large variety of cuisines at reasonable prices!! I was even able to get some amazing chicken wings and Asian noodles from a cute little noodle bar (my hearts joy), late at night! This is something special for a girl who lives in a city where mostly everything is closed by midnight.

No food pics to share. It must have disappeared too fast. (wink) Enjoy this mural…

IP8.2015 889

3. The beach is uncrowded and the sand is smooth. I’ve been to several beaches and the best beaches have sand that glides between the toes effortlessly and has the perfect amount of space to lay out, without interrupting the peace of the closest neighbor. This beach has both. Be careful if you are walking with a camera, several people were topless and I didn’t want them to think I was photographing, so I put the camera down for a while.

IP8.2015 822 IP8.2015 826

IP8.2015 837 IP8.2015 847


4.The people are kind and outgoing. People who live in beach towns seem to be happy. It may be that they have access to the beach year round. The people that I came in contact with here were very kind. This was a solo adventure and one of my weaknesses is directions; I get lost frequently. Each time I found myself lost, there were people who kindly escorted me in the right direction. That’s right, I didn’t get the directions we give out the U.S. (go left at the light, 2 blocks to the right…), nope I got personally escorted parts of the way to my destination. During these times, we talked and shared and I was pleasantly reminded that there are good people in this world willing to stop and help a stranger.Hi Stranger.

IP8.2015 870

5. Beyond the beach is beautiful, clean, and scenic. Great beach towns are great, even when you leave the beach. Málaga, has lush landscapes, beautiful architecture, an art scene that screams talent, and beautiful parks. 

IP8.2015 831IP8.2015 833IP8.2015 850IP8.2015 857IP8.2015 859IP8.2015 861IP8.2015 862IP8.2015 881IP8.2015 844IP8.2015 806IP8.2015 820IP8.2015 849IP8.2015 854IP8.2015 877IP8.2015 879IP8.2015 880


The thing that makes this beach town most special is that I didn’t know it existed. That’s right, the best beach towns are well-kept secrets. Málaga could become one of those beach destinations crawling with chain hotels and tourist but I hope that it doesn’t. It was the perfect escape for a calming visit. I didn’t expect to enjoy the city as much as I did but I’m glad I had a flexible schedule and I hope to return again.



I recommend staying at the Del Pintor Boutique Hotel Malaga. The staff was excellent the room was large and the location was central and near to public transport.


TIP: Don’t be afraid of public transport. I took the bus from the train station to my hotel and I walked through the tunnel to get the airport bus for less than 5 Euros when leaving!!


IP8.2015 909 IP8.2015 913


If you make it to Malaga, Spain you’ll love it. I Did.


Next: Copenhagen, Denmark!!!

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