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Lauren is a Damn Good Mom!

Fit mom

Moms!! I’m happy to introduce you to Lauren, a beautiful mom from New Jersey!! This mom knows fitness and fashion, and she has the body and blogging platform to prove it!

Damn Good Mom Status:
SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom)
1. How many children do you have?
2 little ones
2. What do you love about being a mom?
So much. Seeing my kids have fun, being able to experience holidays with them, laughing at their silly comments.
3. What part of motherhood has been most challenging?
Having them 17 months apart. They’re getting better now as they get older but for awhile they were both so needy.
4. a-Briefly, tell us why you think you are a Damn Good Mom.
I think it’s important as a mom that we don’t lose ourselves when becoming s parent. It’s not selfish to take some time for yourself or continue to do things you love without feeling like you should be spending that time with your kids.
4. b-What have you sacrificed to be a Damn Good Mom?
I don’t really consider anything a sacrifice.
5. What is the best advice you have received and would like to pass along to your child or other moms?
It gets easier.
6. Do you have a website, business, or blog you’d like to promote?
Lauren has a blog, check it out below!
website: www.fitmommyinheels.com
Fit Mommy In Heels
7. Where can we find you on social media?
8. Is there another mom who gives you inspiration? Shout her out!
9. Where are you from?
New Jersey

Fit Mommy in Heels Featured

Lauren is a Damn Good Mom! Get more of her on her site Fit Mommy in Heels!

Lauren, I appreciate you taking the time to share your advice with us moms!

Are any of you other moms from New Jersey? Let us know in the comments!

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