Meet The Mom

 If you are here, you are probably a mom and your time is very valuable. Thank you for being here with me.


Becoming a mom has been one of the most amazing and challenging experiences. I created this site because although I’m newly blessed with the title, there are so many amazing moms that don’t get recognized for all they do for their beautiful children. 


Many do what they do with no complaints, some even do it alone. I want to say to you good job and well done. Our children may not truly understand the love and sacrifices we make until they have children of their own. I say, that is to long to wait for anyone to say good job or thank you.


Don’t be afraid to be your own cheerleader. Pat yourself on the back and shout out loud, “I’m a damn good mom”.  You get up early and go to bed late for the well-being of your child(ren). Be proud of that. Be in love with that.

Want to know more about the mom behind the blog?

My name is Tiffany, nice to meet you!


I have many titles: believer, wife, daughter, and chemist; my newest and favorite is mom! I am a travel loving, smoothie connoisseur, with a soft spot in my heart for sushi.


I’ve never been a party girl because I’d never want to sacrifice the limited time I have with my bed and my pillows. A wild night for me would be a night of reading or night of binge watching Netflix. Until recently, I was a hard working, jet-setting adventuress. That all changed when I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.


mommy daughter time

Want to know more?

I’m married to my best friend, my partner in crime, and my inspiration. We’ve traveled the world together and we are still together (bam)! Those hostels, long train rides, and long flights couldn’t break us. Check out the travel blog to see some of our awesome travel adventures.



My family calls me a professional student because I have four degrees. I call myself broke because those degrees still aren’t paid for, I have student loans. I’ll share my plan to pay each one off, on my fitness and finance blog,  that’ll be live soon. 

OK…this is it.

For a period, I was an AmeriCorps member, I taught English to immigrants and refugees. I loved the experience so much, I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic to teach some more. If this is the kind of thing you might be interested in doing, I highly recommend the experience.


I learned to travel solo, speak publicly, and I learned more about English grammar than most native speakers even think about. Shout out to The Language House. Also, I  met some amazing people from all over the world!


Overcoming self doubt


I never thought I was capable of doing all that I’ve done but I keep trying to do the unlikely and the unexpected and I keep surprising myself and succeeding and I know you can too!


The odds have never been in my favor but I keep beating the odds:

  • I wasn’t suppose to finish college. I was the first woman in my family to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.
  • I wasn’t suppose to travel the world  and teach abroad before age 30. I refused to wait until retirement to see the world.
  • I wasn’t suppose to get married. Finding a man is a hard. Finding a loving, successful man, interested in a serious relationship is like digging for precious metals, rare.


I put myself out there and I continue to get blessed.


Don’t let other people tell you what should be or what isn’t possible. There are opportunities for moms just like you to accomplish amazing things, but you have to try:

  • Do you want to go back to school? Do it, even if you have to start by taking one class at a time.
  • Do you want to travel? Dream it. Plan it. Do it.


Doors of opportunity remain closed, if you don’t knock. So, start knocking like you are the po’ lice! 


I blog to share my experiences and help others.  Thank you for joining me on my journey to be a damn good mom. Cheers!


If you are still reading, then you know a lot about me and I hope you give me the opportunity to learn more about you.


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