Prioritize Organization When You’re Pregnant

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Organizing your pregnancy may have never been a thought for you. Honestly, when I first got pregnant – I hadn’t thought about it either.


I thought it would be simple enough just showing up to my prenatal appointments and getting through my pregnancy doing what I’ve always done in my home life – not worrying about the details.


But…I quickly realized I didn’t want to just get through my pregnancy, I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. This is also what I want for you.






1. Getting pregnant is a big deal.

You are literally growing another human inside of you and how you organize and prepare for what is to come now can be the difference between running around stressed versus enjoying your experience.



2. Organization forces you to evaluate how you spend your time. 

When you are organized you look at tasks you want to complete, you prioritize them, and then you create a plan to get them done. Without this process, we easily move from task to task with no focus and easily find ourselves with several projects undone and no explanation where our time has gone. Has this happened to you?



3. Newborns are demanding. 

You probably have more than one responsibility, perhaps you are doing school and work or work and caregiving. Whatever your situation, you likely have time restraints that make it challenging to accomplish all your goals. Now add a baby to your situation. It isn’t likely that your schedule will be less demanding post-baby, so organization and planning will be how you survive and thrive – especially in the event your baby is like most and only allow you to sleep for 2-3 hours at a time.



4. Increased accountability.

Time is our most valuable asset yet we often let other people dictate how we use it. Even if it’s just 30 minutes here and 15 minutes there – it all adds up. When we have an organized plan for how we intend to spend our time, we are less likely to let a 10-minute line at Starbucks prevent us from making a previously scheduled commitment (even if that commitment it to ourselves).



5. Mom expectations. 

Motherhood comes with tons of expectations and many of them are external but often the ones that influence us most are the internal ones – the ones we put on ourselves. Getting organized can help us manage these expectations more efficiently.






Establishing good organization habits now can be a huge value when you begin trying to manage all the things in mom life. 




Pregnancy Organization Resource

Here is a pregnancy checklist.


Here is how you can use it to help you organize:

First, evaluate the checklist, then be decisive about what needs to be done. Take these steps.

1. Remove items that don’t apply for you.

2. Add items that you feel haven’t been included.

3. Check off the items that you’ve completed.

4. Prioritize the items remaining on the list.

5. Keep the list in a place where you can view it often.


If you want more assistance getting organized in your pregnancy and you love printables. I invite you to visit my Pregnant & Organized, my printable resource library. I stopped selling my printable as single products and combined them all to provide you more value. Enjoy!


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