Get Your Home Organized! 5 Effective Tasks to Get You Started Today!

Moms Get Organized

When you have children, they take over the entire house. Keeping everything organized can be a real challenge. Here are 5 super effective ways to get organized and keep your sanity.


  1.  Be Positive.

    Be positive

    It is very necessary to have a positive mindset because attitude is everything. If you think you can’t accomplish something, you may be less likely to try. You can get organized and with the right amount of determination, you will get organized. You may not get to every room in your home today, but tomorrow is a new day. So be positive and be determined to start the process. 

  2. Make a to-do list. 

    Organize To Do ListYou may be thinking, I’m a mom, I have everything to do! I get it but you aren’t going to be able to accomplish everything today. Get organized and make a list of a few things you can accomplish. Having this list helps you to know exactly what you plan to accomplish, without being overwhelmed. A list helps to keeps you focused. I get a small amount of joy every time I complete a task and cross it off the list. Secret: sometimes I add a task I already finished to the list, like organize baby’s dresser, so I can have that first thing crossed off; I’ve accomplished something, even before I started the list! Use whatever method gets you going.  The list does not need to be on fancy paper, but if that’s your thing go for it. Use paper you have around the house. Use the notepad on your phone. Use an App or fun printable. Use whatever is convenient and make that list.



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  3. Focus on one task at a time.

    Focus on organizationDo not put ‘organize the house’ on your to do list. No matter how small or large your home, that is too much for one sentence. Break it down. Instead of organize the house, write clean the master bathroom and organize each of the drawers  or organize the utensil drawer in the kitchen. These are smaller, more focused tasks you can get finished today. You don’t need to focus on everything at once, be focused on finishing a few tasks, one at a time. 

  4. Remove the clutter.clutter

    It is difficult to get organized, if you have too much stuff. Evaluate the amount of stuff you have and determine if you need it all. Look under the bathroom sinks, are you using all those products? If they have dust settling on them, it may be time to let those products go. What about your closet, is it time to take some of your unworn goodies to the Goodwill? Have you donated the clothes that the kids can’t fit or the unused toys? Getting rid of clutter gives you more space to organize the things you do use and you get to give to people in need, if you decide to donate. Winning!!

  5. Outsource.organize together

    Sometimes, we get overwhelmed because we think we don’t have help. You’d be surprised how much help you do have, if you just ask. Your partner may be willing to take the dishes out of the dish washer. Your sister may have come over to share her new drama but she may be willing to help you straighten up the kids room, while you both catch up. Assign chores to the kiddos, if they are of age. Outsource some of the tasks, when you can. Yes, I know, it probably won’t get done like you would do it, but that is OK, don’t complain,  especially if you want help in the future. Instead, make kind suggestions and maybe they’ll remember for the next time.

  6. Bonus: Make it fun

    funSome people don’t enjoy organizing. Most people aren’t post-it-note, list loving, color blocking fanatics and we have to make organization fun for those weird people. How? Turn on some music while you work. Offer a family reward, when everyone is finished or make it a challenge. Everyone loves a challenge, right!? Who can load the dish washer the fastest. Who can fold that stack of towels the highest. Get creative. Organization can be fun!

Are you ready to get organized today?

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