Are you ready to embrace motherhood as the adventure it’s meant to be?

Are you ready to decide parenthood is an adventure – instead of a hassle? 

Are you ready to let go of overwhelm and worry – even in difficult circumstances?

Are you ready to be the mom your child needs AND the woman you need to be for yourself?

Are you ready to engage in thoughtful introspection and deep conversation?

If so,  you are in the perfect place.

Hello mama! Let's talk...

Every day, we are faced with decisions that  impact the lives of people we love the most:

↠ Do I go back to work?

↠ Do I start a new business?

↠ Can I go back to school?

↠ Is it time to use daycare?

↠ Is it better to home school?

↠ Are my parenting frustrations normal?

The questions are never-ending and the voice inside our heads have us second guessing ourselves and feeling paralyzed by mom guilt.

I get it. 

And…I’ve figured out this one thing → We have the answers. 

We don’t need to discover them. We need to uncover them.


What do I mean?

Discover means “to find something or someone unexpectedly or in the course of a search.”


Uncover means “to make known, bring to light, or to expose to view by removing some covering.”



I don’t believe the answers to our big parenting or life questions are lost. They are covered by societal norms, external expectations, generational behaviors, lack of confidence, and even baggage from past relationships. 



I don’t have the capacity to remove those coverings from your life; however, I believe you can – one day at a time.


You  have the capacity to be informed, empowered, and unapologetically fierce as a woman and a mom.


I’ve created The Damn Good Mom Forum to support you.


What I know for sure...

You don't need to be a perfect mom to be be great. Allow The Forum to help you make space for grace as you learn how to be the parent your child needs. It's a role that was created just for you!

Inside the forum we explore these topics

Becoming the best mom you can be doesn't happen by accident.

members get access to the printable resource library

Then, we acknowledge that none of us have all the answers. So. We help each other without sweeping judgments and negativity.

We meet-up virtually via Zoom calls.

You get access to the private group.

Meet the creator.
D _ G _ M

I’m Tiffany. A science-loving educator, spread-sheet enthusiast, self-proclaimed baking connoisseur, mom entrepreneur with a masters in family life and youth development, and a PhD in sleepless nights – who happily indulges in women’s health topics and personal development topics just for fun.


You see. I’m a mom BUT I’m not just a mom and I’m committed to the belief that we can make space to be exceptional women and Damn Good Moms – at the same time. 


 I’m not immune to fears, limiting beliefs, and self-doubts but I’ve learned how stop resisting negative emotions so that I can process them and live more abundantly. I invite you to do the same.

Are you ready to be part of the community? Here's what's included:

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Live group meetings

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$29 per month

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The Challenge begins on April 20th

Frequently asked questions

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