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It’s Spring! It’s time to clean up the mess that has accumulated and settled in the comforts of your home. When you are swiping for those spider webs, don’t forget to clean out your inbox too!

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If you are like me, you check your email almost daily. While most people are focused on decluttering their homes, which is great, some forget to declutter their email inbox.


Your email is a sacred place, it is where you receive emails from friends and family. It’s where the important people and establishments can get access to your attention.


Now is a great time to limit who gets your attention.



How do you know if it’s time to unsubscribe?


  • If you are subscribed to websites that don’t feed your brain new knowledge or ideas, it is time to unsubscribe.
  • If the emails don’t fill your soul with new aspirations or help you achieve your goals, it is time to unsubscribe.


Evaluate your goals for the next 3-6 months and if the emails don’t contribute to that goal, unsubscribe.


Think about it.


  • If you are trying to stop spending, it is not helpful to have retailers in your inbox promoting semi-annual sales or 50% off discounts. 
  • If you are trying to eat less junk food and sugar, but you get emails with carb and sugar loaded recipes, you are setting yourself up for unnecessary temptation.


I’m not saying you have to unsubscribe to everything, nope, not at all!! In fact, I think you should keep the good stuff.



Keep the good stuff

I love getting emails with quality information and self-help tools from websites and bloggers. So, a clever idea is to kick out emails that are not helpful and find new sites to give you fresh insights, for the new year!



Benefits of decluttering your inbox:

  1. Less junk email=More space for the good stuff.
  2. Increased productivity. 
  3. Positive mood changes. You will feel better when less information that is not useful is not charging at you every day.
  4. Achieve goals. The information coming at you in your inbox will more closely represent your goals.


If you are ready to declutter, let’s do it!


How to easily declutter your inbox

If your goal is to begin the year organized, decluttering your email inbox is a great move. is FREE service to help you unsubscribe from multiple emails subscriptions easily. has Apps for Android and Apple and it’s super simple to use. Make checking your inbox less of a hassle with this simple free tool.


What to do when you are not ready to part with a subscription service?

If you have a favorite subscription service and you aren’t ready to part ways yet, consider creating folders so that emails that are not priority don’t reach the top of your inbox. They can be assigned to organized folders.


Another method of handling frequent email from retailers is to have a separate email account for shopping/fun stuff. Next time a sales associates asks for your email, give them this email account and check it only when you are interested in making a purchase.

This year is all about getting stuff done!

Start with an organized and decluttered inbox. Your future self will thank you!

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