ARE YOU READY TO budget like a mother?

Learn how to budget for your growing family without stress, overwhelm, and tension.

Ask yourself if any of these sound familiar...

1. You’re pregnant or a new mom and you have no plan for how you’re going to manage the incoming baby expenses, birthing expenses, and the new normal for your family finances.



2. You have a vague idea of how you and your partner will handle all the expenses but nothing has been discussed.



3. You’ve never had to manage money for anyone but yourself and now you’re faced with budgeting for monthly expenses and what seems like a constant flow of incoming bills.



4. You think you have a grasp on your money but you’ve only looked at your budget a couple of times in the last six months.



5. Your bills manage to get paid but you’re left wondering what’s happened to the rest of the money – when you know you make enough to have savings.



6. You want to be able to talk about money with your partner freely – especially, now that there is a baby involved – but you don’t know where to start.


7. Every time you sit down to put together a budget, you get overwhelmed and stop. 


IF YOU RELATE TO ANY OF THIS, I GET IT. I wasn't always a budgeting enthusiast.

Managing money is a skill that many of us weren’t taught early on. 


And…some of us (🙋🏽including myself)  have never even seen what it looks like to manage family finances.


I grew up in a single-parent home and the major financial advice I got was to make sure I didn’t ruin my credit. So. When I graduated from college with student loan debt, credit card debt, and a car loan – I had great credit but no real plan or system for how to manage money.


It wasn’t until I got interested in paying off debt did I even begin to become more aware of the concept of managing money responsibly.


To say I struggled with money would be an understatement BUT now, after lots of trial and error🤦, I can happily report to you that budgeting is my jam.


 * I no longer get stressed looking at the bank accounts.

*I have a system to track the household expenses.

*My spending is under control.

* I created plans that helped eliminate every baby medical expense within six-months.

*Together my husband and I have eliminated more that $40,000 in debt since 2017.

*I’m happy to talk with my husband about our finances – every.single.month.


 I figured out a version of budgeting that works for my family and feels like having bricks removed from my back. Pure relief.


 I want you to know this feeling – especially now that your family is growing.


You can create a budget that helps you manage your family finances effortlessly.

But… first, let’s talk about some things that may be holding you back.


The answer to becoming a better with money is within you. Education programs can help with the ‘how?’ but the real change has to come from a shift within you. Your have to have the ‘why?’ and that reason has to be powerful enough to keep you committed to a budgeting system – month-after-month. 


If you’ve never had to experience putting together a budget and sticking to it, you may feel discomfort getting started. This discomfort isn’t a reason to stop. Growth often requires us to experience discomfort –  it’s time to acknowledge the thoughts causing negative emotions and create the change you need anyway.


You may have the thought/think that budgeting is hard but guess what? It’s not. And even if I can’t convince you that it’s easy… you’re a mom or a mom-to-be and you can do hard things.  

If you are ready to get shifted, committed, and determined to budget – even if it feels hard, then you are ready for my new program.


budget like a mother

The Ultimate Formula for Creating a Budget When Hormones are wacky and patience is low.

Let’s take a look inside…


Why should you be budgeting?


How to decide on the ‘right’ budget system for your family’s needs


How to create a sustainable budgeting plan


Set your budgeting goals


Managing bills and spending


Why should you be saving?


Pulling it all together and staying on track

Who is budget like a mother for?

Pregnant Women and New Moms

Budgeting is for everyone but this course was created for women who are new to motherhood and need help creating a budgeting system that works.

Women who really want to get better at managing family finances.

If you aren’t serious about changing how you treat and manage money, this course isn’t for you.

Complete budgeting beginners

If you’ve never put together a budget and you want some guidance, this mini-course can kick-start your journey.

The hormonal and sleep-deprived moms of the world

If you are pregnant or have just given birth, your hormones may be wacky and your patience is probably non-existent due to a lack of sleep (just guessing) and that’s OK. I leave out the fluff so that you get the most value out of your precious time.


Who is teaching this?

Tiffany Green 

Creator of Damn Good Mom

Hi there! I’m Tiffany and I know what it’s like to be indifferent about budgeting and oblivious to what’s going on with my family’s finances. I also know what it’s like to be aware of what’s happening with the money and committed to managing it money responsibly. The latter feels the best. 

After years of poor money management, I get excited to share what I’ve learned so that new moms are in the best position to create budgeting systems that can have a positive impact on their self-esteem and benefit their entire family.

frequently asked questions

What if I’ve never created a budget before?

Newbies are welcome here. I show you a few different ways to create a budget and you get to choose what works best for you.

What if my income doesn’t cover my monthly expenses?

Securing more income should be your priority but a budget is still valuable. I’d say wait to invest in this program until you are able to invest without stress. I can wait for you.

What if I’ve been budgeting for awhile?

This course is for beginners who need support getting started with budgeting. If you already have a budgeting system that works for your family, you probably don’t need this course.

Will this course require me to purchase any other product?

Nope. There are tons of programs and products that help you track expenses but they aren’t necessary. In fact, I made the biggest financial progress when I was using a basic spreadsheet. 

Is there a time-limit to complete the course?

Not at all. You can complete this course at your own pace and your access to this program doesn’t expire.

Do you offer refunds or guarantees? 

Yes. If you aren’t happy with your investment, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

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January 2020