You are pregnant! Ahhh! Congrats! 

Does it all feel unreal? 

Are you searching for answers to the hundreds of questions swirling around in your head?



If so, I got you!

I am launching a FREE 5-week pregnancy challenge that will help you get the answers to your pregnancy questions and take the overwhelm out of all the information that is sure to start coming your way.




Who is the challenge for?

If you are a first-time mom, this challenge is for you!

If you are pregnant and less than 25 weeks, this challenge is for you!





What’s in this challenge?

1.Tasks for you to complete each week. That’s right, I’ll be all in your inbox encouraging you to complete important tasks that you may not think of, now that you have pregnancy brain.





2. Uplifting quotes and humor. That’s right being pregnant is serious business but it can be fun. I find ways to bring sunshine to your inbox, even when your pelvis feels like it’s going to drop.





3. Information. I just a had a baby in April of 2017. I know the struggles. I know about sleepless nights. I want to help you by providing valuable information I wish I had known about before I got pregnant.



Goals For This Challenge

  • I want to prevent information overwhelm by giving you valuable info in small pieces, without throwing a manual or textbook at you. 
  • I want to give you a mom community that supports you each month of your pregnancy.



Who am I, and why do I think I can help you?

I’m Tiffany! Nice to Meet You!

That’s me! With my first born and no make-up! Motherhood changes your priorities!


  • I have a master’s degree in family life and youth development
  • I took the training to be a doula (I never pursued certification) – Don’t know what a doula is? You will!
  • I worked in a newborn screening laboratory. (Yep. Chemist in the house!)
  • I just had a baby via a vaginal birth with no epidural! (More on that later)






I don’t know everything and I’m not a medical provider. I’m just here to provide the educational support you need to make your pregnancy shine!






Full disclosure: This is the first time I’m doing this challenge.

As a result, I’m only accepting 50 participants. I want to learn what you want, I want to help you make your pregnancy All That & More!



Are you interested? I hope so! Get on the list!




If you sign up below, you should receive an email within 5 minutes.

Check your promotions or spam folder to ensure you get the email and reply to the email to ensure your spot in the challenge.


The first session begins February 26, 2017.